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I have used Ableton Live for over ten years. I use it for recording, producing, and live performance. There are many Ableton controllers that I am familiar with. My education comes from a self taught practice.

Trying to learn or get better on the drums? Want to produce, mix, master, record, or perform with Ableton Live? Set up a lesson time to learn and collaborate right away!


Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

These lessons will teach you how to create your own music using a computer!

Lessons are through TEAM VIEWER, so you never have to Invite anyone into your home or even better, you get to feel comfortable in the privacy of your own home.

- Composition (writing music using Ableton)

- Production (sampling, synthesizers, audio FX)

- Engineering (mixing, mastering)

Learn the basics of running Ableton, including how to record audio, MIDI, I/O, using the effects section, triggering audio clips and loops, etc.

*Navigating Software *Developing a workflow *Recording *MIDI Data *Using Built-in Plugins *Mixing and Mastering *Live Performance *Push Tutorials *Audio Production

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