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It Is Time For A Change You work hard making great music but nobody listens to it, ​You promote song after song on your Spotify but they still say " <1,000" underneath them. ​There's no real way to promote your Spotify except for putting links on your Instagram and hoping people click it. ​You don't know how to get your song posted on big playlists; there's no way to find out who owns a playlist. So, you can't even contact them if you wanted to.  BUT IT GETS WORSE Without being reposted on big Spotify playlists, your songs will never go viral. ​If you don't have at least 1 song that goes viral, you will never make it big. ​You see so many artists blow up because they're song is on a playlist, while you're forced to just sit back and watch because you don't have a clue how they did it.

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99% of companies that claim to do Spotify Marketing just buy fake plays to your songs and charge you hundreds of dollars to do it.  The companies that don't buy fake plays will just repost your song onto a few playlists that they own themselves. Limiting your song's exposure and wasting your money.  Not only are fake plays a waste of money, but they will get your Spotify account banned. THAT'S WHY SO MANY ARTISTS USE... MARKET STARZ WHO ARE WE?

The Market Starz is a mashup of top marketing executives from multiple major record labels.  Our team members are in charge of the marketing divisions at Universal, Sony, RCA, Atlantic, Roc Nation, and Def Jam. That's right, we don't just do this as a hobby. We're 5-star professionals with massive amounts of experience in making artists go viral.  We possess the major label tools and connections that most "marketing" companies dream of.  In simple terms, the MVPs of marketing came together to form an All-Star team to help you blow up! Our company has been in business since 2006. Yup, that's right, we've been around literally since Spotify began.  We started The Market Starz for one simple reason:  We wanted to offer our marketing to the artists that really needed it... Independent artists.  Now indie artists can get major label promotion for starter level pricing. Providing more opportunities for the underdogs.   We're not just some guys playing "promo" in mom's garage. Though we do love our mama's...  Our team members handle marketing for the biggest labels in the industry. If they trust us with their marketing, we think you should too. SO HOW DOES IT WORK? STEP 1: You send us a link to your song on Spotify STEP 2: We personally speak with our network of over 7,500 playlist owners and get your song placed  STEP 3: Your song gains thousands of plays and gets discovered by new fans nationwide Yup, it's that simple. We personally know the owner of every playlist in our network! We've built relationships with these playlist owners over many years, so they listen to our suggestions.  That's how we're able to get so many songs to go viral!  We give your song the clout it needs to be accepted by playlists that would normally deny you! Each playlist in our network has 10,000 followers or more with listeners located nationwide!  Your song will be listened to by tens of thousands of new fans every single day and your career will skyrocket. EXACTLY HOW IT'S DONE: After receiving your Spotify link, we review your song and choose playlists to target where your song will fit perfectly. ​We call, text, chat, and email with the owners of each playlist and tell them about your song. ​With our personal recommendation, the playlist owners review your song.  ​If the owner likes it, your song is placed onto their playlist in one of the top 5 positions and will remain there as long as you're a member of The Market Starz. BUT IT DOESN'T STOP THERE: These massively huge playlists are followed by other playlist owners who are looking for new music to put on their own playlists.  Most songs that we get placed on a playlist will also get placed on dozens of smaller playlists outside of our network, which makes your song go viral even faster! Just in case you're wondering how confident we are... We 100% guarantee we'll make your song go viral nationwide, or we'll give you a full refund! We can't say it better then that. READY TO GO VIRAL?


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